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Eric Strom
In this 3 hour workshop we will examine the legal and ethical implications of termination and referral of clinical services. Specific focus will be on understanding the concept of legal abandonment in health care. Participants will gain increased ability to best support their clients while also minimizing risk and limiting exposure to liability. This course is intended to meet ethics CE requirements.
NBCC CE Hours: 3
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WMHCA Member Price: $55.
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Anthony Rella, MA, LMHC
In this hour, we will discuss the costs of loneliness on the nervous system including increased rejection sensitivity, and identify ways to support ourselves and our clients in normalizing and neutralizing these challenges to restore meaningful relationships.
NBCC CE Hours: 1
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WMHCA Member Price: $20.
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Meaghan Halverson
This course will emphasize research on how play and flow states can help alleviate stress, burnout, and social anxiety while supporting connection and attunement with others. The role of the inner critic and strategies for dealing with its presence will be discussed as it shows up in the art making process.
NBCC CE Hours: 1
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WMHCA Member Price: $20.
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Northwest Institute on Intimacy

The Northwest Institute on Intimacy (NWIOI) and ConstantEdu have partnered to offer the best clinical sexology training available on-demand.

Kimberly Castelo, MS, LMFT-S CST-S, CEFT-T
This is an in depth training on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of high toned pelvic floor disorders in natal sex female bodies and how to treat them from a biopsychosocial-sexual perspective and in a collaborative health model.
NBCC CE Hours: 4
Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD, LMFT, CSTS
In this seminar, Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, reviews each developmental age and stage sharing the emotional and behavioral tasks children tend to try and accomplish, as well as the sexual curiosities most commonly expressed. She shares the shame these sexual curiosities often trigger in parents/caregivers who did not receive adequate sexual health information as children and/or who grew up in conservative or sexually shaming environments.
NBCC CE Hours: 2.5
Dr. Brittany Millard-Hastings, MD
In this seminar, Dr. Brittany Millard-Hasting, MD reviews the anatomy and physiology, along with common dysfunctions/conditions and treatments that correspond to those with natal male genital and reproductive systems
NBCC CE Hours: 2.5