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WMHCA is partnering with ConstantEdu to offer high-quality online continuing education. Available to current WMHCA members at a discounted price. Join WMHCA here.

This one and a half hour live webinar will review the content and format of the National Counseling Exam, and introduce tips and strategies for maximizing score performance on the exam.
EPDC CE Hours: 1.5
Purchase $45
WMHCA Member Price: $30.
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For many clinicians, patient lethality and mandatory reporting are some of the most difficult topics to navigate. In this 3 hour workshop we will examine the applicable Washington State laws and regulations regarding mandatory reporting obligations with a specific focus on how these rules apply to the delicate balance of protecting client best interest and confidentiality while still meeting the reporting obligations in behavioral health settings.
EPDC CE Hours: 3
Purchase $80
WMHCA Member Price: $55.
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This 1 hour law and ethics workshop addresses frequently asked questions about clinicians writing service animal support letters.
EPDC CE Hours: 1
Purchase $30
WMHCA Member Price: $20.
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Northwest Institute on Intimacy

The Northwest Institute on Intimacy (NWIOI) and ConstantEdu have partnered to offer the best clinical sexology training available on-demand.

This is an in depth training on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of high toned pelvic floor disorders in natal sex female bodies and how to treat them from a biopsychosocial-sexual perspective and in a collaborative health model.
EPDC CE Hours: 4
This seminar covers best practice from initial appointment, through patient decision making, treatment, and follow-up care through the life cycle.
EPDC CE Hours: 1.5
In this fascinating seminar, expert on male sexuality, Dr. Joe Kort, PhD, explains the complex world of male sexual fluidity.
EPDC CE Hours: 2.5