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WMHCA is partnering with ConstantEdu to offer high-quality online continuing education. Available to current WMHCA members at a discounted price. Join WMHCA here.

In this 1 hour workshop we will address the legal and ethical implications of clinician self-care. We will also consider what the professional literature suggests regarding factors that inhibits effective self-care. Participants will gain the ability to identify an ethically sound, empirically based plan to implement an effective self-care strategy to best support work with clients. This course is intended to meet Law and Ethics CE requirements.
EPDC CE Hours: 1
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WMHCA Member Price: $20.
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This one and a half hour live webinar will review the content and format of the National Counseling Exam, and introduce tips and strategies for maximizing score performance on the exam.
EPDC CE Hours: 1.5
Purchase $45
WMHCA Member Price: $30.
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This will be a glimpse of a broad view of working with symptomatic clients. Whether they experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship high conflict, career issues, or chronic pain, they have one thing in common: trauma. The thoughts, sensations, emotions, and behaviors resulting from our reactions to traumatic events are plea, for attention to deep, often unconscious, unprocessed internal conflict. As clinicians, we can present a gentle hand called hope, inviting an overdue conversation.
EPDC CE Hours: 2
Purchase $55
WMHCA Member Price: $35.
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Northwest Institute on Intimacy

The Northwest Institute on Intimacy (NWIOI) and ConstantEdu have partnered to offer the best clinical sexology training available on-demand.

This 3-hour online course will emphasize a functional medical perspective using the biopsychosocial model of health and illness. Participants will learn methods and techniques to assess and intervene with psycho sexual problems experienced by patients and couples around health issues in general, and sexual health issues specifically.
EPDC CE Hours: 3
This is an efficient and effective trauma healing protocol, different from individual trauma informed care.
EPDC CE Hours: 1
In this brief lecture, Dr. Brittany Millard-Hasting, MD reviews some of the tumultuous history of those who have tried to do sound human sexuality research over the years, as well explains the very tangible inequities that have always existed and continue to exist in sexual health and health research in general in the United States.
EPDC CE Hours: 1