The Power of Integration - Enhancing Clinical Mental Health Treatment with Interpersonal Neurobiology: WMHCA

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3 CEs Recorded: Winter, 2023

Interpersonal Neurobiology is a consilient effort from every major area of science as coordinated by Dr. Dan Siegel and his many colleagues. In this evidence-based, holistic framework, the latest in applicable sciences are brought together in an elegant fashion - bringing clarity and direction to practitioners.

In this course, you will learn the primary concepts of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), its nine domains of integration, and some practical & interactive examples of how to apply the insights learned to real-life therapeutic situations.

IPNB is great for all people who work or interact with mental health issues - but beyond that, it is a non-pathologizing approach that will enhance not only your work, but your understanding of and connectedness to the world in which you live.

***Objectives: ***

  1. Explain the Meaning of Balance & Integration as a Framework for Well-being
  2. Analyze the Multi-dimensional Concept of the Whole Person & Demonstrate the Need for Holistic Approaches
  3. List & Briefly Describe the Nine Domains


I. Intro to Self & Connection to Audience (5 min*) II. Define Balance, Integration & the Whole Person (30 min) III. Summarize the Domains of Integration (45 min) IV. Introduce Therapeutic Neuroscience and Give an Example in One Domain (75 min) V. Various Practice Activities Throughout (25 min)

EPDC CE Hours: 3
Presenter: Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith, MA, LMHC, CGP (She/Her), is the founder of Potential Finders Network and is a book author and blog writer, coach/consultant, international board-certified group leader, and nationwide trainer from the Seattle area. She has extensive study and practice in neuroscience- informed clinical treatment and is certified in Interpersonal Neurobiology by the Mindsight Institute. Her experience, both personally and professionally, in the US and abroad, has allowed her to develop multi-modal, culturally competent, cutting-edge & relevant training programs. Hannah guest lectures in academic, clinical, and corporate settings around the US and globally. She has developed an engaging presentation style, making the learning of difficult information both accessible and fun! Her passion is to educate others on practical, whole-person approaches to life with the aim of helping those she works with reach their greatest potential!