Healing the Effects of Racism with IFS (Internal Family Systems) NWIOI

2 CEs Recorded January, 2024

This 2 hour experiential workshop is premised on the idea that structural and institutional racism is a source of trauma for all members of society. Using the healing modality of IFS (Internal Family Systems), the workshop provides an intentional, courageous, and compassionate space for healing the trauma of racism.

All elements of the workshop—an overview of IFS, a guided reflection, and an opportunity to process in small groups—are designed to help participants identify and work with emotions and reactions that come up for them whether they are the subject of racism or are unwitting/unintentional participants in the perpetuation of White supremacy culture personally and professionally.

The underlying understanding of the workshop is that BIPOC folks need tools like IFS to begin healing racial trauma. For White folks committed to anti-racist work but who may be at a loss regarding what it means to "do the work," the workshop provides a starting point for the internal healing that needs to happen for them to be more conscious and intentional actors in co-creating a more equitable and trauma-informed society. The bifurcated design of the workshop attends to the specific needs of BIPOC and White participants. Knowledge or experience in IFS is helpful but not required.

"If you are a member of AASECT, and would like additional AASECT proof of course completion, please make this request by emailing info@nwioi.com. Please include a copy of your course evaluation."

EPDC CE Hours: 2
Presenter: Regina Wei, LMFTA

Regina Wei, LMFTA (she/they), is an IFS trained Couples and Family Therapist in Washington state whose background includes classroom teaching as well as teaching meditation/mindfulness, yoga, and energy healing. Regina completed NWIOI's Top 5% program in 2022 and is pursuing AASECT certification. Her work centers folks who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ and focuses on helping clients heal racial, intergenerational, sexual, and other traumas. Before transitioning to working full-time as a therapist, Regina served for two years as one of the main DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion and justice) practitioners at an independent school where she helped facilitate DEIJ conversations among students, faculty, and administration, co-led a DEIJ task force, and was a member of the hiring committee for the school's new Director of Equity. www.ReginaWei.com