The Nature Cure: Evidence-Based Medicine for Mental Health

Recorded: 2022

As human beings spend more and more time inside our built environments, we’re stepping away from the healing power of nature. This is a big loss! Human beings evolved in natural settings, and time in nature is one of the most stress-relieving activities we can enjoy. Nature cure can be part of an effective plan for ADHD, depression, as well as the pandemic’s resulting lack of social connections.  Research reveals that time spent in nature therapy results in decreases in antidepressant prescriptions. Childhood nature exposure even predicts high levels of adult mental health and quality of life. In other health domains, increased nature exposure is associated with decreased mortality and cardiovascular disease, while also increasing heart rate variability and the positive impact of exercise. Many types of nature exposure are healing – everything from having indoor houseplants and place sitting, to gardening and forest bathing. Use the nature prescription to increase your patients’ well-being.


Understand the clinical evidence for the nature cure as treatment for common mental health conditions Create a nature cure plan for your patient, in line with their resources Identify the mechanisms in the body that are positively impacted by nature therapy Become familiar with the lexicon of the nature cure/nature therapy Expand knowledge of the healing properties of nature on physical and mental health systems Discuss Nature Cure prescriptions—including types and dosages for a range of client populations and diagnoses

Presenter: Dr. Catherine Darley

***Dr. Catherine Darley*** is a leader in integrative sleep medicine. She founded The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine, Inc in 2003, and since then has helped people of all ages sleep well using behavioral and naturopathic approaches for sleep disorders. Her expertise lies in profoundly effective lifestyle and behavioral change based on the deep understanding of principles of sleep and circadian physiology. Behaving in accordance with these principles allows patients all the benefits of a good night’s sleep, without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals. She is an expert and dynamic speaker, teaching a wide range of groups through engagement, storytelling, and with a clear explanation of the mechanisms of disease and treatment protocols. Dr. Darley is published in professional journals, has been quoted in several popular magazines, and appeared on TV to share her sleep knowledge.