Connecting Through Embodiment and Presence-WHMCA

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Recorded Winter, 2023 1 CE

What is needed to feel seen and heard so that we can connect with self and others is to be Present as another living human being. Presence is a state of being that is calm, curious, and welcoming without judgement of our present moment experience. This workshop will lead participants through brief, yet powerful exercises designed to become embodied, present, and connected.


 Experience embodiment through present moment sensation in the body.  Understand the difference between physical embodiment and our inner sensing body.  Learn how to come into presence with any situation by using Presence Language.  Teach embodiment, Presence, and befriending experience.


 Lead participants through an exercise in finding presence through their physical body and sensing body. Weather  Describe what they were doing (physical and feeling body)  Shy animal exercise: Finding qualities of presence (participant words)  Introducing Presence Language: How simple phrases can help us shift from being identified with our experience to befriending and exploring our experience.  How you can use these tools for yourself and with clients fostering deeper connection.  Read the primacy of human presence?  Exercise: A client they work with?  Can they do this with themselves?

EPDC CE Hours: 1
Presenter: Jeffrey Morrison, MA, LMHC

A Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist and Focusing Coordinator, Jeffrey Morrison practices on Vashon Island, Washington. He specializes in working with complex trauma and teaching Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) to therapists and other healing professionals. He has developed a Training Program, which blends Focusing, mythology, mindfulness, and other embodied practices for unwinding trauma and restoring wholeness. He is the founder of the Seattle Focusing Institute, which is dedicated to teaching Focusing, meditation, Trauma Releasing Exercises, movement practices and more. These practices for change are designed to encourage presence, embodiment and transform our stuck patterns of living. I created and have been teaching a two-year training program in Focusing Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma for over ten years. I have also presented workshops within conferences, for other people’s training programs, and internationally through The International Focusing Institute.