WMHCA: Clearing Our Blocks for Connection

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1 CE Recorded: Fall, 2022

Humans are inherently social creatures and yet, so often we develop limiting beliefs that keep us from forming deep and fulfilling relationships. By discovering and changing the beliefs that block us, we can more easily access the vulnerability and authenticity we need to feel real connection to others. Our beliefs determine the way we see the world and our place in it. When we change our beliefs, we shift the way we interact in the world, including how we connect to ourselves and others. In this hour-long presentation we will introduce an easy to use system for uncovering and changing the limiting beliefs that keep us from fulfilling connection. The material in this course is helpful for therapists clinically and in their own lives.

Learning Objectives

Learn how The Seven Tools Method can be used for uncovering and changing the limiting beliefs that inhibit connection.


● Welcome and who we are ● How beliefs work ○ The lens analogy ● How beliefs can be an impediment to connection ○ Example from Grace’s life moving frequently ● Using The Seven Tools Method to identify and change limiting beliefs ○ Practical example/experiential exercises ● Brief question and answers period

EPDC CE Hours: 1
Presenter: Grace Porter, LMHC & Steven M. Hall, MD

**Grace Porter, LMHC** is a private practice psychotherapist and the co-founder of The Seven Tools. With over a decade of clinical experience, Grace utilizes a holistic approach to healing and believes in integrating mind, body, and spirit in order to help clients consciously reconnect to their soul's pursuits. She brings The Seven Tools of Healing to her work with clients, the classes she teaches, as well as practicing them in her own life. **Steven M. Hall, MD** specializes in patients with treatment resistant chronic illness. His search for better ways to help these people led to uncovering The Seven Tools in the 1990’s. He is the author of The Seven Tools of Healing: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom and Live the Life Your Soul Desires and a co-founder of The Seven Tools, a teaching corporation dedicated to helping people with emotional intelligence, personal growth, and transformation.