The Gentle Art of Loving Your Trauma Clients - So They Can Learn to Love Themselves-WMHCA

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2 CEs Recorded: Fall, 2022

Description This will be a glimpse of a broad view of working with symptomatic clients. Whether they experience anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship high conflict, career issues, or chronic pain, they have one thing in common: trauma. The thoughts, sensations, emotions, and behaviors resulting from our reactions to traumatic events are pleas for attention to deep, often unconscious, unprocessed internal conflict. As clinicians, we can present a gentle hand called hope, inviting an overdue conversation.

Learning Objectives

Participants will Learn: A: The difference between diagnoses based on what happened and those based on what needed to happen B: How grief work, attachment work, family systems, and self-love are connected C: How to help clients repair internal broken bonds to promote healing


I. Defining Trauma, Love, Art, and Self (.25 hours) II. The Therapeutic Relationship (.25 hours) III. Grief and Guilt (.25 hours) IV. Attachment and Family (.25 hours) V. Self-Trust and Wholeness (.25 hours) VI. Putting It All Together (.25 hours) VII. Meditation (.25 hours) VIII. Q & A (.25 hours)

EPDC CE Hours: 2
Presenter: Reid Stell

Reid Stell, a licensed mental health counselor in Bellevue, has been in private practice since 2011. He has worked with diverse populations of all ages, as well as couples and families, using a very personal approach to healing.