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Many of us live our life 10 feet in front of our body and don’t even know it. We are so conditioned to think, plan and prepare that we often don’t notice what’s happening at home, in our own body, until we are really suffering. Although the body is designed to move, we sit for long periods of time listening and hearing painful stories that can generate tightness and restriction within us creating pain and suffering over time.

Mindful movement is a simple practice that helps us turn attention inward, to our own inner landscape of sensations, hearing what our body longs for and needs. It can be practiced anytime, anyplace including the 5-minute break between client sessions. This simple self-care practice supports our health and well-being by strengthening the mind/body connection. Let’s explore and practice gentle stretches that care for our body and increase awareness of the present moment during Mindful Moments for Me.

Objectives 1.Empower colleagues to practice simple self-care throughout the day. 2.How this practice impacts clients

EPDC CE Hours: 1
Presenter: Brenda Butterfield, EdD, MSW, LMHC

Dr. Brenda S. Butterfield is founder of Our New Experience (ONE), LLC in Redmond, WA. She has been a mental health professional for over 30 years serving children, youth, families and communities in the US and abroad. In her clinical work, Dr. Butterfield uses an integrative, whole person perspective to support development of each human’s full potential. Knowing there are many paths to peace of mind, she uses a variety of therapeutic approaches anchored in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and other phenomenological self-care practices all supported by scientific data as effective. In addition to individual and group therapy, Dr. Butterfield teaches Mindful meditation classes, facilitates retreats and presents a variety of seminars and professional development trainings for mental health practitioners and other caregivers locally and nationally. Prior to founding Our New Experience Dr. Butterfield was an award-winning faculty member of the Psychology Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth receiving multiple awards from students, colleagues, and community organizations for teaching excellence and leadership.  She has presented at national and international conferences and was invited to serve as a Guest Lecturer teaching psychology courses at the University of Birmingham in England in 2008. Dr. Butterfield is an innovative teacher in part due her unique educational background with degrees and in education, psychology and social work.  The nexus of her training combined with her wide array of clinical experience in child welfare, mental health, substance abuse, and higher education in the US, England, Africa and the Middle East is likely why clients and colleagues describe her work as “inspiring, authentic and transformative.” Dr. Butterfield earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth in 1989 a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington in 1998 and a Doctorate Degree in Education from the University of Minnesota in 2014, specializing in the Psychology of Teaching and Learning. Her professional work has always been challenging and rewarding but her greatest learning and satisfaction continues to come from being an adoptive and biological mom of two children. Lived experience has taught Dr. Butterfield about the necessity of developing an Essential-Self Care Practice by recognizing, surviving and eventually befriending mental illness in her own family. Her daily mindful practice continues to teach her how to recognize life’s challenges as invitations to develop her own full human potential. More information about Dr. Butterfield is available at http://ournewexperience.org/