Continuing Education Courses by Albert Sheldon, MD

Albert Sheldon, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington, Seattle, has specialized in the research, practice and training of psychotherapy for 35 years. Dr Sheldon practiced as a primary care physician for ten years before completing his training in psychiatry. He received a Bush Medical Fellowship to study psycho-therapeutic processes from a psycho-physiological perspective. In collaboration with his wife, they have discovered and developed a new neuro-biological paradigm that applies the concepts and knowledge of Integration and Neuroscience in psychotherapy: Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems. This approach integrates recent research on neuroplasticity, brain development, and therapeutic change. Their book, Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems in Therapy, was published by Norton in 2021.

EPDC CE Hours: 1.5

Adding critical thinking to your repertoire will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your psycho-therapeutic treatments.

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