Continuing Education Courses by Dr. Brittany Millard-Hastings, MD

Tested physician leader with varied experience, unwavering commitment to patients and drive to innovate. Motivated by novel means of care delivery, streamlining processes and integrating quality measures in standard practice. Fascinated by the history of medicine, horseback riding and craft. Dedicated to service, family and community.

EPDC CE Hours: 1

In this brief lecture, Dr. Brittany Millard-Hasting, MD reviews some of the tumultuous history of those who have tried to do sound human sexuality research over the years, as well explains the very tangible inequities that have always existed and continue to exist in sexual health and health research in general in the United States.

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EPDC CE Hours: 2

Dr. Brittany Millard-Hasting, MD reviews the neurobiology of the brain and sexuality systems and how they respond to typical medications used in treating psychiatric conditions in addition to other common conditions that affect the sexual system. She also shares resources that can be used in your practice to support clinicians in this area.

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EPDC CE Hours: 1.5

Dr. Brittiany Millard-Hasting, MD covers several issues common in the practice of a relationally oriented sex therapist and/or a sexual medicine oriented primary care provider. Topics covered include: Pelvic issues caused by birth trauma, when pelvic pain is ignored during penetrative sex, partial imperforate hymens, PGAD, contraception, desire discrepancies, infidelity, and porn issues. Treatment options are discussed.

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EPDC CE Hours: 1

This workshop reviews the basics of good medical and psycho social care of those who identify as trans and non-binary - which in many ways informs the basics of good and just health care for all human beings regardless of how they identify.

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EPDC CE Hours: 2.5

In this seminar, Dr. Brittany Millard-Hasting, MD reviews the anatomy and physiology, along with common dysfunctions/conditions and treatments that correspond to those with natal male genital and reproductive systems

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EPDC CE Hours: 1

1 Ethics CE In this lecture Dr. Brittany Millard-Hasting, MD and Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers discuss cases that pose particular sexual health ethical dilemmas in the primary care and behavioral health care setting and invite participants to consider ethical and just ways to provide care.

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EPDC CE Hours: 4

Dr. Brittany Millard Hasting, MD covers a wealth of information in this engaging lecture covering topics such as sexual health language and definitions, sexual history taking, intro into documentation and inclusivity. In the second half of the lecture, she turns her attention toward inclusive approaches in organ inventories, screening tools to be used, and how to frame risk benefit conversations to populations not well studied.

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